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Creating Attraction

Dating and Texting Girls With Magnetic Messaging

You know how it is with texting girls, it can be trouble. One small error caused by a finger will make all you chances with her disappear.  Learn the skills needed to get the girl over text, it's a must these days, you know. When you think about texting her, make sure you follow a sure game plan to get her out. Most guys never knew the right way to text girls. Don't think that because she didn't reply she's not interested when you met her.


Getting ignored and losing the interest of the girl is probably the main cause you're not getting dates. Texting girls becomes easy once you know the secret to it only the top guys in the world know. Until you can do it with confidence, don't stop trying stuff out on your own. If you're just starting out just now, you need to know what you're doing wrong first.


Don't send her anything that might bore her to tears, that's the first. Don't be like all the rest of the world who's taking it for granted what she reads from them. And if she's not texting you, don't flood her inbox with your mindless lame texts. Learn more about this from magnetic messaging by bobby rio.


You don't want to wait too long when it's the first text, doing so will only make your chances worse. Believe it or not, girls like it that you text her sooner than you think. Don't wait for her to forget you, you're only making it hard on yourself. It's just dumb. When your number pops again on her phone, she'll immediately know who you are. You'll also avoid the awkward message asking who you are. Her attention is already divided when you know she goes out more than twice a week. Don't leave things to chance, thinking she'll remember you when you text her. She'll only drop any sort of interest she had when you met her if you wait. Because you're not the only person on her phone she's getting messages from. And if you want her to text you back, you have to still be funny. Remind her of the good times, the fun times she had when meeting you.


That always seem to work great. Get the good things going and don't cut it short even when you're just texting her. It is that simple. Start with something you remember about her or something you talked about. And before you send her the text, think whether she would reply or not. Think about your text. Is it any different? Does it excite her and make her want to reply? Chances are, if something makes you laugh, maybe it will make her laugh, too. You should never let how much you like her take over. Don't check your phone too often to see if she has replied. Never let it overcome you if you don't want to be her puppy thrown away. You won't be as funny or worse you'll become needy and desperate.


Another more dangerous think could happen, you'll start to get jealous without knowing it. It can even make her think twice before meeting you again. And that's not good. Clear you mind. You don't have a relationship with her so clearly you can't be jealous out of nothing. Unless you're a psycho.


If you're not getting as much of her time as you like, that's no reason to be sad. Show her that you're different from all the other guy she knows. Don't forget that there other girls on your phone better than her. Never send her any needy text show how much you need her. Unless you want her to lose all attraction for you, go ahead and be needy. That means not replying to every single little message you get from her. It's not the end if you can't immediately reply to her. You don't have to send her any more text if you don't need to.


It should be about the same or less. Don't overuse emoticons and flatter her all the time. Avoid anything that can make you regret ever sending her that text. Don't even attempt to send her anything that will get you some kind of validation. Don't talk about anything not worth talking about unless you just want to be friends with her. Don't trip that trap and change subjects quickly. Why not just tease her and build more attraction. If you can, text her as if you're having the time of your life. You don't want to be anything like any body she knows. Be unique in your own special way.


Give her the fun and enjoyment she needs. Making her think of you is what you want when you do this. Making her feel like she's missing out on all the fun should be reason enough. Don't answer everything she ask no matter how important it is. It can even be vague and short, just make sure it has your personality embedded in every word.


You know you'll only bore her with questions, so don't do it. Just do something else.


You will begin to annoy her and you'll only get ignored. Remember, your personality is what's important when you're communicating with her. Make her smile with almost every message you send her, if you can do that, you're golden. Even on the first text, a good joke works all the time, even lame ones. But don't be too predictable with everything you do. Keep her guessing, too.


So when you reply to her, don't send it faster than a lightning bolt from Zeus.


Let her wait for some time so she can thin about you more. Making her wait is not a bad thing, it makes her enjoy the game even more. It's very important that you remember this. But be sure you're eliciting some good emotions in her. Texting a girl is one of the more important things to learn if you want to keep in touch with her. If you're not sure of what to send to a girl, you should change that now.