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Who Else Wants to GIve Daygame A Try?

Some of the best places to meet and date women are not in bars and clubs. And many gorgeous girls don't even go out at night since they're busy. You want to be able to meet any women where ever they may be. If you see a beautiful women, you want to be prepared and know what to do. During the day, beautiful women are by themselves and this makes it very easy to approach them. You don't need to worry about her friends interrupting.


There's no need ot hide your intentions when you meet girls during the day. Sometimes girls have to go somewhere and that's when you have to go faster. If you can meet women at night and have the option during the day, you'll have better chances at this game.  You can  do just that with daygame blueprint as your guide.
Meeting women can be something you do during the day while doing your usual activities. Guys who use daygame find it easier to meet girls who became their girlfriend later on. It's easier than you think, meeting and getting their number that is. Go and set yourself free from meeting women only at night.  

Depending on where you want to meet women, the way you do it also varies. Most women are walking in the street going shopping or going somewhere. Make your energy level match the location you're in at the moment. In day game, you need to be more relaxed and casual like all the rest. Just smiling with some little conversation, not high energy like the clubs.  
Don't forget to build some rapport with her if you want to meet again. You should have a great connection with her to further the relationship. You need to be able to be sure of yourself so you can create a good connection. You'll lose the connection and the interaction will end abruptly if you doubt yourself. Trust yourself fully and don't let anything hinder your success with women.   

Playing a good sport is a good activity where there can be a lot of women. There's a good chance you'll meet women if you play some team sports. It's not that hard if you really want to do it. Playing sports is fun and informal which is great for starting relationships. You'll meet and bond with a lot of people in the process. Give yourself a chance to meet someone who enjoys sports like you do.  

It even easier to meet girl on campus if you're still in college. When you go to parties, you'll be able to meet a lot of young women. The key is to be able to enjoy and have fun during these events.


Forget waiting and lurking in the sidelines. Get to know everyone in the room so you'll know more girls by the end of the party. Show your playfulness and flirt with them a little. Girls are natural flirts so they'll want to flirt with you, too. If you're having fun at a party, it's hard for girls not to notice you. You need to be really social and try to meet the people there.


Talk loudly and tell interesting stories people want to hear. Bring in the excitement when you're meeting someone for the first time. When it's time, be sure to do the right thing and go someplace whene you can be alone. Don't let her friends interfere by staying where they are.   

Not all men know what to say when meeting an interesting woman. When they see a nice girl, the suddenly don't know what to do and avoid it altogether. It natural for inexperienced guys to over-think things and make obvious blunders. You don't have to memorize cheesy pickup lines to successfully meet women.  Women will know if you doubt yourself or too desperate. On the other hand, they'll be able to tell if you're really confident. Talk to them naturally like you would with a cool friend you like to hangout with. You can talk about anything you can think of, doesn't matter what it is really. When you talk to naturally, you won't seem desperate and she'll instantly relax. The key is to enjoy the moment you have with the girl you're conversing with.  

If you're shy, meeting women could be a difficult. You should do something about your shyness if you want to meet some girls. Take it slowly if you want but do it anyway. Greet strangers where ever you may be. You may need to commit to it fully and don't give up halfway. After some time, meeting women won't be anything special.


They don't have to be friendly with you, just start talking anyway. Just be nice and talk to them like it's just natural to you. You should make it your goal to talk to people comfortably no matter how they respond. Step out of your comfort zone if you want to approach single women. If you can make it so that you can talk to anyone, you'll feel really good about yourself. You be able to enjoy meeting people after some time has passed.   

Humor and laughter are always a good sign something good is happening. Humor used in any interaction with women will give you great results. Women will just be flocking by your side if you can show them a good time. When you approach women and you have a good attitude towards life, they'll enjoy the conversation more. This will start things in the right direction and allow for a more fun interaction.  Keep it simple and continue to improve yourself as you play this game.